Friday, April 9, 2010

"Rumoh Aceh", An Indonesian Vernacular Architecture

Did you know ...?
There is a unique technology in the house of Aceh (Indonesia : Rumoh Aceh) to save homes from fire danger. As we know, the biggest risk in the traditional tropical houses made almost entirely of buildings from nature such as wood, bamboo, thatch, leaves, etc.. All are highly flammable. Technology is the technology referred to "Overthrow Roof During Fire"

Well ... the buildings are saving technology in principle is a way to quickly knock down the roof of the building so the fire did not spread and burn the entire contents of the house. When the fire situation occurs, it must be that there is more panic right? A "black strap" on the roof will help to overcome the panic, so the situation is getting worse ... not move until the whole house burned down. It is preventable.

What is "black strap"?

"Black strap" is part of the roof structure that connects all elements of the roof. When there is a fire, "black strap" is cut so that the entire roof collapsed. Therefore, most houses are still spared from the fire, of course, the fire could not spread because the roof had collapsed.
Given this simple technology is expected impacts resulting from the fire could be minimal detail. This technology is very simple indeed, but certainly for the size of the technology found in many hundreds of years ago, arguably this kind of technology is not advanced enough?

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