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Batik art developed throughout Indonesia with the uniqueness, beauty, and personality different. Some of the batik-producing areas such as: Solo, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, Cirebon, Indramayu, Garut, Lasem, Tuban, and Madura. Batik in every region of Indonesia is unique and distinctive characteristics of each in order of decoration and color.
Batik motives are different betwen coastal areas and the palace area. Rural community/palace bored with colors, so the contrasting colors do not feel coarse, and elegant/ miyayeni). While coastal communities bored with the color blue, so feel fresh and interested in the colors vary.

Beliefs and customs influence, for example, if the strong influence of Javanese Hindu many of the motives, symbols symbolic symbol eg, cement, dollars, etc. Meanwhile, when a strong Islamic influence then a lot of decoration in the form of calligraphy.
Decoration of Solo and Yogyakarta's batik look small, smooth and curved, not straight shape, color in the harmony between the black, blue, brown and cream / white.
Meanwhile Madura decoration large, long and convoluted, and color-free as it is. Motive variety of coastal areas are fish, water, shrimp and vegetable in a naturalist, while the area of the mountain kingdom, butterflies, birds and plants are symbolic .

Batik Art Developments in Indonesia
Batik for centuries was developed in Indonesia. In particular the island of Java became one of the art of Java. Traditional manufacturing technology is almost beyond the hundreds of years to survive to the present, besides also developed other techniques, such as printed batik and batik printing. Mbatik or make batik means is to make the points, with his trademark tools called canthing.
Batik is traditionally used in traditional ceremonies and beliefs. Even now still used primarily as the wedding ceremony. Batik is originally just for the clothing worn or used belong to the art has developed into a fine art in the form of paintings, but also developed into the art of handicrafts in the form of wider use for example, bags, accessories of women, pillowcases, tablecloths, etc.So batik in  Indonesia has grown and developed both in terms of artistic value, pattern, style, and the manufacturing process.

Use of Batik in Indonesia
Before the independence of Indonesia, one is not allowed to wear batik with random decoration. For example corrupt motive barong machete, plane / lard and kawung, should only be worn by kings and immediate family only. Use of batik cloth, among others set it on the wearer's social status, as well as opportunities, events, or events batik cloth when worn. Each batik motives have meaning and hope on it contains. For example Ceremony Bride, Ceremony of death, etc.

But after the independence of Indonesia, all decoration has become public property. Even in the seventies by abstract batik artists, introduced to the public and get their own place in the hearts of the people until now.Batik is well known throughout the world, even the famous designers are using batik in their work.
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