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Badri : The Savior of The Earth from Cisarua Bogor Indonesia

A bead of water dripping into his head, and since then Badri as if reborn. He became someone new.

The story I read in Kompas January 19 (one of Indonesian Magazines), that then that story made me believe that perhaps there is a miracle, in other words of something amazing. Miracles in this version did not come into the world as a spectacular. He infiltrated in small files.

Badri lives in a village that is part of the Village of North Monument, in the District of Cisarua, Bogor. For years, the man who is now 60-year-old handyman was so tripe forest. Together with some friends, went outside to enter the peak of the time it was lush and cool. With chainsaws and machetes they tebangi trees to be cut and sold as firewood. Four years, since 1975, since he was 36 years old, Badri get a living by destroying the forest.

But something happened on a day in October 1979.

That afternoon he did not go to Friday prayers. Since morning she just kept cutting down trees. At noon, when a sweltering afternoon, he rested a moment. He sat. Suddenly, he said, as quoted by Kompas, a drop of water fall onto her head.

"Only a drop," he said, "but it makes my body fresh. Exhaustion I cut down trees and carry the timber was gone. "

He also looked around, searching for drops of water from which it came. Apparently, the cool translucent grains that fall from the new principal cut down. "I was shocked," said Badri. "I sat quietly, reflecting on the water drops."

Since that day - he remembers the exact date, October 6, 1979 - he was restless. He went back into the woods beyond, but this time not to cut, but to prove that trees are storing water in their bodies, at their roots into the soil. After he discovered that fact alone, he was convinced. He was determined. "Since that year I also promised not to cut down trees," he said. Indeed, he vowed that he would continue to grow until the end of his life.

So almost every day he brought coredan, maker small hole in the ground where the seeds will be buried. Almost every day, with her old, thin but clay, coated with black leather tanned, Badri return to the hills in the Peak of the leaves and branches and roots of a tropical forest. He redeemed. He repaired. He did not want tired. The old man refuses ill.

The promise was not easy. He lost a living source: the thief is now a giver. His wife was furious. His own life is not always safe. Badri create enemies. Several times he was arrested and tortured land speculators and security in the region villas Cisarua. Because he did not hesitate to plant any trees on the vacant lot where the only - that did not belong to people but rarely left stranded or is being targeted to be traded.

He was doing it since 1979. Until now: a non-institutional loyalty. The directing is not one program, one institution, or doctrine, but rather an "event".

The word "so" - a word in the Indonesian language is not easily translated - which describes the change-of-potential into actual, not into the who-who-have. "Genesis" also suggests something that was not routine and sometimes amazing. If an experienced Badri and that made him change we call it a miracle because it took place at a time when that case was not unusual. This is the time when people do all things supposedly driven by self-interest.

We imagine Badri: it made him shake the water droplets, but soon became a determination, on October 6, 1979 it. With that Badri did not feel the need to ask for whom he planted trees every day for three decades.

He was a militant. But one other militants may be sacrificing himself for something that is closed, for example, the or her own. Badri Militancy is not the case: he worked for something that did not berpuak. He is reaching out something that is universally open. The trees were growing and lush forests will be returned to anyone, even to humans in the geography and the generation that he would never know.

Maybe someone will sneer Badri: he was naive. He did not think that when the peak became green again, when the forests grow and store water, which will enjoy it, especially people with money and power. In short, the intention to reach something that's universally stupid, forgetting that the "others" never "equal", except as statistics.

But I will not be mocked Badri. He may know but maybe not that rich people in Jakarta are ferocious destroyer of forests more than trees thieves like him before 1979. People rich and powerful built villas and dissect the slopes, use a car with carbon dioxide, the most ferocious, and consumes food and clothing greedily until all the natural sacrificed. Wrong Badri But if he continues to plant trees on that hill?

I think we need to see that the story of this man, whose full name Badri Ismaya (and "Ismaya" is a puppet Semar, commoners who are also gods), is a story of redemption is fundamental: in times that are shaped by human greed, Badri be an antidote . He counteract greed. He did not take. He also contributed.

Presumably he did not want us to kill himself with destroying each other, after desperate to see ourselves as a heinous element on the planet earth. Presumably he wants people like forest trees: a creature wounded but gave drops of water and a miracle.

Source : Tempo Magazine ~ January 26, 2009 Edition ~

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